Body Mass Index

Your Body Mass Index, or BMI, is something you definitely need to figure out. It will help you to establish goals and to gain a better perspective on your current health. Use this BMI Calculator to figure out what your BMI is today! Basically the calculator is factoring in your height and weight to provide you with an idea of how much of your weight is fat.

By understanding what your BMI is you are giving yourself a clearer view of how important it might be for you to increase your healthy habits for the sake of your health. The great thing about the calculator I provided for you in the link above is that it has a table to show you where your BMI stands in terms of health. Now this is not going to tell you your fat percentage and if you are in weight training it’s important to get your Body Fat Percentage measured as well because your BMI could say your unhealthy when you’re actually just “muscle heavy”.


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